Who’d have thought it… Top of the Pops!

  • 13 Feb, 2013

“41 series...! Really! Has it really been been that many?” Just a few thoughts that ran through my mind when I was watching "Later...with Jools Holland" in the recent Christmas break.


Now that I think of it, there have been many iconic BBC programmes dedicated to bringing out the best in music, long before the MTVs and the hip hop generation arrived on the scene.

American Idol and it’s spin-offs, young musicians fighting turf wars on social networking sites, vying for attention - Why did it have to turn up into such a mess?

Back in the days, it was so easy, quiet and peaceful.

Bands would have nothing more than an applause to show for as an acknowledgement of their talents.

It is rather nostalgic to think of the good old days, when bands could still be linked with garages; artists who would not be afraid of hard work; technology which meant a newer model of the guitar and social networking that stood for playing in a pub in town to get some contacts.

Incidentally, I was in The Old Blue Last sometime in October last year. It was a refreshing change from visiting the more new age pubs for a drink. It is one of those old school pubs that allows artists to play and impress the audiences. There is no fee on audiences’ part to watch these performers, and the pub has provided a launching pad to many a big names in the past to an extent that some even consider it lucky to play in there.

We have a rich history of Arts and Music in this country. Sometimes it’s easy to be carried away in the contemporary context of music and it’s American equivalent, however we need to realise that we don’t lose the sight of where we are coming from; to some extent this is an essential part of a legacy that has been defined by shows such as "Later...with Jools Holland" , "The Old Grey Whistle Test", "The Tube" (hello again Jools) but most of all "Top of the Pops".

All of them shows have been responsible to create a lot of memories for folks like us. Where else will you find an opening first show that featured The Rolling Stones and The Beatles together ("Top of the Pops")?


The Cure performing on Later...with Jools Holland

Brings back the goosebumps, doesn’t it? That’s the effect of Live Music; you never know how it is going to turn up.

There are nerves all around. The artists are nervous and so are the audiences. I would say, that is what makes it so special - Your first concert, your first concert with your date, taking your kids to their first concert.

These are the memories that you will always cherish.

Soon we will be starting with our very own As Live! video package. Sit tight and watch this space for more.


Shubhit S., Epik Music Videos


Picture: Kasabian Underdog live on "Later...with Jools Holland ".

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