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Behind the Scenes Videos Production

Let’s face it. We’re all very nosey. There’s something irresistible about peeling back the curtain on the creative lives of the bands, stars and celebs we like - and there’s no better way of scratching that itch than with a Behind The Scenes video.

Let’s just say you’ve already scheduled a recording session or you’ve got a live event coming up.
Or perhaps you’re coming to our trendy Camberwell studio for a music video production shoot. Either way, there’s a lot to be said about a video that captures the chaos, craft and perspiration that comes with being a working musician.

Think of a Behind The Scenes video like a DVD Extra, giving you an insightful, exciting glimpse into the workings of a music festival, session or gig. The graft. The bustle. The tantrums! (Well, hopefully not the tantrums...) They allow your fans to see your personality and inspiration put to the test.

With a smattering of fly-on-the-wall footage, talking head interviews, and clips of the production itself - be it a performance video, an EPK or a music video  - a Behind The Scenes clip takes the viewer behind the music. We at EPiK are mobile, familiar with every aspect of the musical process, and can take our cameras behind whichever scenes you’d like. So, get in touch!

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